A Finnish Soprano of Quality

“Her soprano is beautiful and clear, with a focus, which begins to be rare nowadays. Thanks to her excellent technique Auroora´s voice has a large ambits and ability for climaxes. Although she interprets the songs of Schumann, Strauss and Sibelius intimately and with admirable legato, you can imagine her as an ideal interpreter the songs of Richard Wagner´s Wesendonk-Lieder.

High tones are no problem for her. As a singer the Spanish songs Auroora is unrivaled among our sopranos. She reaches easily the light careless sensuality and the quick parlando rhythm of Xavier Montsalvatge´s, Joaquin Valverde´s Jesus Guridi´s and Joquin Nin´s songs. As an interpreter of Maunel de Falla´s Siete Canciones Populares Espagnolas Irja Auroora is sparkling and vigorous.”

Helsingin Sanomat, Veijo Murtomäki 2004



Enchantment of Singing

Irja Aurora is a magnificent singer. Her voice functions naturally and is elastic in the quickly changing atmosphere of the songs. The pronouncing of the text is clear and expressive, and the connection between music and poetry is intensive. Auroora sings the songs of Schumann, Strauss, Sibelius and Rachmaninoff charmingly mastering the different styles with deep interpretation, nevertheless the greatest impression creates surprisingly her capability and expression while singing Spanish music.

Turun Sanomat / Matti Lehtonen / 1993



Irja Auroora´s voice has a magnificent sound.

“Her performing (…) was in all aspects on international level. The exceptionally beautiful colour of the voice includes a shade of darkness, which gives it a sensual touch. Auroora´s voice technique seems very sure. … unforgettable were also the songs of Mahler´s Des Knaben Wunderhorn and Debussy´s transparent sensible tone aquarelles. She is representative e soloist for Italian repertoire and surely for lighter Wagner roles.

Turun Sanomat / Matti Lehtonen / 1993



An expressive soprano

“Irja Auroora´s soprano has intensity and beauty. An excellent breathing technique and an elastic using of voice assure that Auroora is capable of varying the nuances of her singing richly and to built great dynamics. Thereto she has a voice, which is focused and rich with colours. All this make Irja Auroora´s singing so vital and impressive.

Helsingin Sanomat / Osmo Tapio Räihälä / 1992



Legato is a miracle

“A good singer´s legato is a miracle. Irja Auroora knows the secret of a seamless legato. Another miracle is the singer’s clearly pronounced text. The vowels rest on the tones untouched as if lying on a soft base. Auroora also analyses sharply and she feels deeply the meaning of the words. … She has many qualities, of which even one would be enough to make singer interesting. One of these is both the metallic and warm colour of her voice.

Irja Auroora´s is a noble appearance on the stage. Such brilliant singer as Auroora is, she never prefers herself to music and poetry. In the Lieder of Strauss her vocal merits were combined with great and sure technical brilliance. It is clear that we speak about a singer of high international level.

Helsingin Sanomat / Helena Tyrväinen / 1984


Don Giovanni / Mozart

“Überwältigend war die Leistung von Irja Aurora als Donna Elvira. Sie sang vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton klangschön, sehr präzise, und sie war die einzige, die sowohl musikalisch als auch schauspielerisch etwas von der Tragik der Handlung erkennen ließ.

Opernzeitschrift Orpheus / Bertold Fuchs / 1986